The International Sunday School Teachers’
Training Curriculum; Second Edition

Copyright 2009 Back to Jerusalem

The newly released, second edition of The Dove Training Series is a fourteen-lesson training curriculum for Sunday school teachers.  Having been originally created by the Chinese house church, the training began in support of the Back to Jerusalem vision in China.  The new English curriculum covers the basics of child evangelism, discipling children, classroom management, and implementing a spirit-led Sunday school program.



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  1. Dear Dove Ministries,

    Hi there, I’ve heard about your ministry through a friend from Thailand. I heard from her that you are going to conduct teachers training there on May 1-3.
    I am a Pastor’s wife, living in Quezon City Philippines and I am currently teaching Intermediate class in our Sunday School.
    I am also in charge of our monthly Teachers Equipping trainings at our church. Our church is an average church of about 900 members. We have more than 50 daughter churches around the country.
    We also have 200 plus children every Sunday.
    What I like about your curriculum is that it’s focussed on child evangelism, discipleship etc.
    I’m hoping that I would be able to see copy of your curriculum.
    Hoping and praying too that i would be able to attend training in Thailand on May.

    Thank you very much and all the best for your ministry all for God’s glory and for His Name’s sake.

    Gloria B. Avante

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