At the turn of the 21st century, Dove’s Sunday School training curriculum was developed by the Chinese house church in order to equip children’s ministry leaders. After successfully training and equipping 200,000 teachers throughout China, Dove was revised through the English Dove Training Series to begin its expansion into other languages.

“Wilson”, a young Chinese missionary has been working in Pakistan for five years, reaching the local people with the Gospel and strengthening the existing churches. Wilson explains that Back to Jerusalem missionaries are now using the Chinese Dove Curriculum to train the Pakistani Sunday School teachers, and it has been extremely successful. Wilson himself has been inspired by the evangelistic work among Pakistani children, therefore he plans to also attend an English Dove training seminar to be a part of the work among the Pakistani youth.

Right now, Back to Jerusalem workers are preparing a Dove translation in the Pakistani language of Urdu. By having The Dove Training Series in Urdu, Chinese ministries may be able to equip the Pakistani teachers to also spread Dove training throughout all of Pakistan.

We are extremely excited about having The Dove Training Series in more languages. This year alone, we expect additional translations to be completed in both the Arabic and the Finnish language. As we equip the various regions with Sunday School training in their own language, we come closer to reaching children all over the world with the Gospel.

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